Project 1

IMG_74521. Receiving the order/ Checking the files

Post 888’s hub received a 3D print order for a frame for a specific screen, as well with other modifications and choice of filament requested by the client. Client provided us with the STL file for the design he wanted and the interns went to work on printing the file. The team tested to make sure the print file worked with the printer and made certain adjustments to optimize the print process.

2. Print and remeasuring

The printer is adjusted to the correct color filament and double checked for proper settings. The printer begins to print and when the print finishes, the frame is removed and remeasured. The ABS plastic has the tendency to warp due to the heat, so each piece is carefully checked to make sure it fits as designed.

3. Piecing the project together

Once the pieces are printed, and checked for accurate size, then the interns start to piece the frame together with adhesives, being careful not to damage the frame in any way. Interns double check to make sure the adhesives connected the frame together correctly and that the frame is durable.

4. Delivery
Once the frame is fully assembled and given a final quality check, the frame is delivered to the client.

Project #1 Complete!