3D Print Shop

Promoting Excellence in STEM Education in Nevada

IMG_7027NV3D has set up shop to create on-demand 3D items and ship them to teachers, businesses, organizations, and students.

By accessing our 3D Hub store, any interested person or party can place orders for any type of item they may need printed out, from a wide variety of ABS and PLA filament colors. All that is required is the idea, a sketch, or a finished STL ( a file format native to the STereoLithography CAD software created by 3D Systems) file to begin the order.

Click on the link for Post 888 3D Hub: https://www.3dhubs.com/las-vegas/hubs/post-888

IMG_7114 3D items the Post 888 is able to print:

IMG_7379Customized 3D Parts

The online shop is able to place 3D writing or engravings into any printing item which is needed for things such as celebrations or trademarking.

Movable Parts

We have the ability to make movable parts. Using screws, bolts, and adhesives, we are able to put together complex prints. For some items, they are printed with the ability to move certain parts without the need for any additional materials.

Replacement Items

We are able to recreate broken items using our design software and 3D printers such that accurate recreations of these items can be produced and sent to whomever desires them.